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Accelerate IT Application Delivery, Operations, Transformation and Performance

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Digital market success requires an agile IT foundation that thrives in environments of rapid growth and constant change. Yet the work of building and maintaining high-performing, scalable, secure IT infrastructures and applications is constantly being disrupted and delayed.

Xoriant will work with your IT and LOB teams across the infrastructure or application lifecycle, bringing both next-gen technology and legacy expertise. We will build in efficiency and agility using proven frameworks for delivery, testing, data ingestion and mapping, and rapid prototyping accelerators like CloudIO for data integration and dashboarding.

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Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development
Custom Application

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Packaged Applications

Packaged Applications

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Application Modernization

Application Modernization

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Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management
Application Lifecycle

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Data Management

Data Management

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Bhavesh Ved
EVP, Delivery

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“Our technology innovations fuel our ability to serve your IT and help you focus on your business. At Xoriant we hire seasoned teams who share a passion for helping customers successfully digitize their business processes. As the delivery head, I am very proud of our success in delivering well architected, managed & quality projects across various industry verticals.”


Why Xoriant is Best Suited to Meet Your Enterprise Services Needs

Delivery Capability Across the Entire Application Lifecycle

Our capabilities can support your entire application lifecycle journey – or just a stage. Architects and engineers will work with you to Build, Run, Transform and Modernize your application.

Co-Ideation and Rapid Prototyping Approach

Our proof-of-concept approach speeds time to market and validates the wisdom of your financial and IT resource investments. In our Innovation Labs, we experiment and test before implementation, optimizing technology fit while minimizing disruption.

Next-Generation Technology Meets Legacy Expertise

We stay ahead of the next-gen technologies that accelerate time to market and keep you competitive. But we meld the new with existing solutions that run your business today - residing on mainframes, host-based systems, client-server systems, web-based multi-tier systems, cloud-based and mobile platforms.

Speed, Agility and

Through our years of software development, we have developed and enhanced several frameworks and tools that accelerate software development, testing and deployment.

Solutions With
Business Context

We have built applications that help enterprises transact business, manage processes, facilitate collaboration among employees and monitor/report the status of the business and its performance.

A Strong Network of Technology Partners

We are comfortable with several leading technology software and platforms, such as AWS, Hadoop, Cloudera, OpenStack, Splunk, Azure and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and we bring that knowledge and experience to every engagement.

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Enterprise Services Insights

Boost Your Product Value

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Increase focus on product lifecycle extension by enhancing features and integrating new technologies. This practical approach increases lifetime product value, reduces the time and costs of new release cycles and implementations.

Expect a phased approach towards business process implementation.

Accelerate App Development

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New software technologies like cross-platform application development, blockchain, machine learning, etc. are gaining momentum worldwide. For example, low-code development utilizes pre-built coding and a drag and drop process to further accelerate development cycles.

There is no one-size-fits-all category when it comes to business solutions.

Cloud Configuration and Migration

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Cloud infrastructure with SLA-driven management and cost savings is the new hosting model. Take a holistic, team-based approach to review your cloud adoption strategy. Then build a roadmap with specific goals and objectives to help you realize your strategy.

How to achieve optimal cloud access and cost reduction?

The Demand for App Modernization

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The demand for application modernization services is being driven by escalating need for cloud scalability and flexibility, legacy system modernization, remote workforce enablement, and improved customer experiences.

By 2025, app modernization forecasts a CAGR of 16% with US$ 24.8 Mn.

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Learn About Xoriant Frameworks for Enterprise IT

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