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Transition to a Modern Enterprise With Best-in-Class Solutions and Frameworks

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In today’s digital economy, your busines must chart a path to the next horizon of growth. CIOs and VPs of technology face growing demands to scale digital platforms. Their teams are under pressure to build or leverage applications to transact business faster, manage processes, facilitate global collaboration and monitor and report on the status of the business and its performance.

At Xoriant, we have worked closely with enterprise IT and line of business teams for 30 years through different phases of the technology lifecycle. Using delivery and testing frameworks and rapid prototyping accelerators, we build speed and agility into everything we do.

Our Enterprise Frameworks


iBASE – SDLC Assistant

*Patent Pending

Xoriant iBASE* (Innovative Bot Assisted Software Engineering) leverages the power of smarter integrated bots to develop high-quality software products and boost the productivity of your engineering team. A technology-agnostic framework, iBASE ensures deeper insights on performance, eliminates risk and minimizes technical debt through automation, allowing you to focus on delivery excellence. From faster code reviews, simplified test creation and execution, recognizing areas of improvement, to effective governance, tracking, and reporting of engineering metrics across the multi-technology stack.

Benefits of iBASE:

  • Increases engineering productivity
  • Automates SDLC activities
  • Ensures quality improvements
  • Enhances developer skills
  • Enables software project governance
  • Reduces the cost of software development

NLPro – A NLP & Text Analytics Platform

Xoriant NLPro is a natural language-based automation platform to extract and analyze relevant information from documents. As data grows and business demands better insights, we’ve helped clients integrate multiple tools, techniques, and approaches to build powerful text analytics solutions.

Benefits of NLPro:

  • Continuously improves accuracy and efficiency through machine learning
  • Dramatically reduces manual effort required to process text-based information
  • Reduces errors caused by manual processing
  • Provides new insights through analytics of text-based information
  • Highly customizable to your specific business process

iAutomate – QA Assistant

iAutomate is a tool-agnostic test automation framework built for the web, mobile, desktop, and API applications. Equipped with end-to-end integrations across JDBC, Slack, Jira, SauceLabs, the framework is used for testing a wide range of applications – UI testing, API testing, multi-browser testing, multi-environment testing, database validation. Experience a rapid automation cycle with 15+ customizable features, 100+ utility methods written in a generic manner that can be used for your projects. Choose the Automation X360 framework as per your team’s skillsets either in Python or Java and help engineering functions work more efficiently. In addition to automating test cases, the framework generates logs and reports, making them available with easy visualization of test cases success/failure.

Benefits of iAutomate :

  • Enhances productivity and time savings
  • Ensures early issue identification
  • Accelerates time-to-market
  • Achieves high transparency
  • Brings higher coverage with greater process consistency
  • Increases quality of script development
  • Ensures continuous governance across SDLC
Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect About These Frameworks
Speak With a Xoriant Technical Architect About These Frameworks

Enterprise Frameworks