Let us make your big data move as fast and smooth as possible

There are numerous reasons that an enterprise may need data migration. Few of them are:

  • New or increased regulatory requirements
  • New business process introduction
  • Operational needs
  • Company mergers and acquisitions
  • Old system upgrades

Many think that data migration is simple and easy, believing that all that needs to be done is putting the old peg in a new hole. Organizations who have gone down that path know better.

Both our own experience and industry studies have shown that data migration is one of the most risky, complex, and time-consuming IT projects your company can undertake. If not properly planned, managed, and executed by a professional organization with strengths in this area, data migration projects quickly overshoot budgets and adversely impact business performance without supporting the strategic objectives behind the move.

Xoriant has extensive experience executing data migration projects for several Fortune 500 customers. We have demonstrated expertise in transferring and integrating data to enable the business going through:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Legacy system modernization
  • Application consolidation
  • ERP and CRM implementation or upgrade
  • Business process outsourcing

Xoriant executes these migration projects using its Global Delivery Model approach, where both onsite and offsite teams will collaborate to provide top value to the customer.

Customers engaging Xoriant receive the benefit of:

  • A world-class team with in-depth experience delivering data migration services
  • Our time-tested and proven solutions evolved through years of execution
  • Reduced overall costs by 40-50%
  • Completion of projects typically 20-40% early
  • Increased data quality and reduced risk to continued business operations