Getting Business Intelligence right has a critical dependency on people with substantial BI specific experience focused on not only delivering on today's projects but also helping you to create organizational information asset. At Xoriant, we take pride that our BI professionals establish a long term relationship through value creation for both IT and business. They are equipped with the right methodology, training and infrastructure with an execution in line with your vision.

The Team − Our development teams have BI professionals with more than 15 years of field experience The Team brings real world experience and learning what they have gained over the years making them not just Project Managers but BI thought leaders and evangelists. At Xoriant, our expert team understands the unique skill sets required for each project, resource requirements, identification, assignment and engagement process. Transition from onshore to offshore model with a smooth and seamless process, is a function of our BI methodology.

The Process − We leverage BI specific development methodology while adhering to Six Sigma principles. Unlike a standard SDLC, we encourage the use of Proof of Concept (POC) early and often as we work with end users. Additionally, we encourage data quality profiling as early as possible in a project. Lack of data or poor quality data that will not support the business requirement is a critical failure point for BI projects and as your partner we want you to know this as early as possible. As many as 50% of BI projects should be stopped or delayed due to data quality issues. Each phase of the project has a set of deliverables which should go through a formal sign off process called Tollgates. You can always track the progress of the team with time and quality performance metrics.

Products − Xoriant's extensive experience developing licensable products to Fortune 50 clients for business critical processes provides unique insights that translates directly to critical BI skills. Product development requires the ability to work with complex heterogeneous environments. It requires high quality, optimized code. Testing must be rigorous and release cycles must be tightly managed. Our experience of delivering products directly translates to BI product development success.

Performance − Ultimately, majority of end users do not have concerns about data models, ETL optimizers, or the semantic layer. The most important is that  when they hit the "go" button, the information is returned in an acceptable amount of time. Our development methodology includes the inclusion of our Performance teams thousands of hours of experience.
Xoriant will collaborate with you to ensure that your BI development project not only meets the project charter but is integrated seamlessly into your environment.