Operating System: Nokia

Application Category: Utility


Nothing can annoy us more than running late for our own schedule when we are tied up in a heap of other activities all day long. It would be great if we get timely reminders that keep a check on our activities on our behalf.

An application that you’d wake up for. WakeUp is your super alarm clock application. Once installed it is always running in background and makes setting reminders easy and beautiful. You can set multiple recurring and non-recurring alarms for daily use. You can now use your phone like a night stand (while charging) or general alarm clock to keep a tab on your daily activities.
Do you feel lazy to set an alarm before siesta? Just click the pre-configurable Nap/Powernap and snooze away worry free. Additionally, you can set some amazingly beautiful themes and set your favorite songs or radio channel as Alarm tone.

Key Benefits: 

  • Supports any number of recurring or non-recurring alarms.
  • Quick Nap/Powernap button.
  • Innovative swipe gadget to set time.
  • Allows setting multiple alarms, themes

Download Link: http://store.ovi.com/content/110622