Operating System: Nokia

Application Category: LifeStyle


Sending your friends and family digital pictures to and from your tropical vacation is nice, but sending a customized postcard is so much cooler. With Postcard on the Run, you can instantly send the photos as real, physical postcards with personalized messages to any address in the world just like the old times.

POTR helps you to instantly create and mail real photo postcards directly from your Phone from $0.99 cents to $1.69. Just snap, tap and send anywhere in the world! We handle printing, postage and delivery. Easily personalize with your own photo, message, and signature. No address? No problem - we’ll find it for you. Share memories the old-fashioned way, with real photo keepsakes your friends and family can hold close to their hearts. 

Key features: 

  • Send real postcards directly from your Windows device to any mailing postal address in the world
  • Find missing addresses with the touch of a button with our "Postal Gopher"
  • Sign your postcard with your finger
  • Add your own personal message
  • Include a map on your postcard using GPS location
  • Add a scent to your card with Smell Mail
  • Easy to pay with any major credit card.