Operating System: iPhone

Application Category: Utility


Searching for a good property which matches all of the client’s expectations is becoming increasingly cumbersome in the ever-growing real estate market. Continuously moving around for various activities leaves you with hardly any time to sit and search for properties under your brokerage. So this is for all real estate agents who are looking for a comprehensive platform that serves the purpose is of great utility value.

Pocketlistings application provides a platform where the participating Realtors® could list his/her available properties for a particular area, while also browse through the listing based on their requirements on the other hand.

The application enables users to search, view and map properties (commercial & personal) available on sale, based on their current geographic location and other factors like price, distance, community, and so on. This would be offered to Realtors® who would be able to sign up customers, and in turn, offer the service during a prospect buyer’s search drive. It provides Location based services (LBS) for determining current location of the user and search based on same; with provision of call, SMS and email interface for listed Agent and agent offices. It enables the application to restart from the last exited state of the application.

Some key Benefits: 

  • Provides driving directions on map
  • Find out nearest property that matches the requirement based on the current location
  • Applying filter criteria during search
  • Store favorite properties

Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/pocketlistings-real-estate/id399584512?mt=8