Presented by Xoriant May 20, 2014
We are witnessing an exponential growth in applications developed /migrated to the cloud, this has given rise to the importance of ensuring application performance in this ecosystem. Many organizations are now pushing their key business applications to the Cloud but are struggling with questions about load and performance testing these applications.

This short webinar will explain how you can guarantee application performance in Cloud, while keeping up with ever growing business demands. It will provide an overview of performance engineering in Cloud and a framework to deploy it from an end-to-end perspective combined with the best practices to be adopted.

Avail a free one hour consultation to understand if your organization needs to start thinking about performance engineering based on your unique environment.

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Performance Engineering in Cloud Environment

Presented by Xoriant May 20, 2014
Performance engineering in cloud appears to be becoming redundant with the promise of infinite capacity coupled with the ability to scale at the same speed as the traffic changes. Organizations might believe that there is no need to plan for the future, to optimize applications, or to worry about efficient operation. Typical framework encompasses the planning, development, execution and Analysis thereby ensuring that the designed and implemented solution meets the functional & non-functional requirements.

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