Operating System: Blackberry

Application Category: Utility


With so much increase in the amount of content being created online, organizing and managing it in the most appropriate way is what people look for. More so, when it is possible to for them to access the content available online on the go.

This native application for the Blackberry users allows all features of the traditional web portal handy on mobile. It helps in organizing all of your content online in file and folder structure. User can access his box account, share and manage his content on the go using mobile device.

Key Features:

  • Embedded camera facility to take the picture from application itself and upload it to the server
  • Integrated with "HTTPS" call for getting server side data through device network carrier and Wi-Fi
  • Allows sharing file or folder through single link and invite others to view the file
  • Uploading and downloading picture/file/new version of file from device to box account and vice versa
  • Exchanging the feedback between collaborators using commenting on files or folders.
  • Allows checking for updates between the collaborators.