Operating System: Nokia

Application Category: Utility


It's always great to keep a track and capture those wonderful experiences, be it any. For some, it may be the best wining experience that they had while on a visit to a new rest-o-bar. We all like to share our best experiences with friends to enrich their lives.

An application for Wine lovers from Wine lovers. MyWines, as the name implies, is a simple record book to maintain your Wine tasting experiences. While enjoying your bottled poetry now you can add all details, pictures and rate them so that you can refer to them later. Also, you can find Wine shops and Vineyards around you. MyWines also has a Varietal's guide and Wine Glossary for Beginners and Enthusiasts.
It also allows you to share it among your friends via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook in one click. It provides an email feature to send an auto populated email with wine details to share the experience. First rule of drinking wines 'Start with a smile and end with a smile'.


Key benefits: 

  • Experience a variety of tired and tasted wines
  • Socializing becomes more fun with such new places to visit

Download Link: http://store.ovi.com/content/149571