Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Games


Gilli Danda is a Sports and recreation game whose game-play is similar to cricket and Baseball. ‘Gilli’ which is a short wooden stick is hit by another long wooden stick known as ‘Danda’. Hit various objects in the path of ‘Gilli’ to score points. Clear each level to be the Super champion of Gilli Danda game. Liked the Game? Share your like on Facebook and let your friends know you are playing ‘Gilli Danda’.

Game Features: 

  • 10 Super exciting and challenging levels (More levels will be added later)
  • Beautiful scenic views for enjoyable gameplay
  • Physics engine based gameplay for real life like experience
  • Different scoring objects and blockers in different levels
  • Use super Gilli power to hit more objects and score high
  • Earn 3 stars across all levels and be the master of game.

Download Link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/gillidanda/8beb8590-5b1b-46b4-b69a-864e5ec2e3d9