Operating System: iPhone

Application Category: Utility


With increasing globalization and people continuously traveling, it makes sense for people to utilize their time while in flight. To be connected with the internet at any point has becoming need of the hour for many, considering the increasing business dynamics.

This is a native application which allows the in-flight passengers to use internet service distributed throughout the airplane via WiFi connectivity on U.S. domestic flights to use their iPhone and enjoy a true high-speed internet experience with to real time e-mail with attachments, streaming video, transferring large files, and accessing corporate VPNs.

The application enables internet connectivity in the airplane consisting of a server located in the aircraft cabin, so that the users can connect with the server via iPhone. This server connects with the ground based services for authentication and then provides the internet service for such authenticated users.

The application adheres to federal laws and airline security standards like auto-switching off all network connections during take-off and landing.

Some Key Benefits: 

  • Broadens the horizon of users in terms of internet usability.
  • Allows generating revenue for the services providers even while in flight.
  • Significantly improves the turnaround time for decision making in corporate world.

For a demo or more information on the App, contact us at info@xoriant.com

Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/gogo-inflight-internet/id396822677?mt=8