Operating System: Nokia

Application Category: LifeStyle


With the growing enthusiasm amongst all of us to make the most of time spent with our friends and loved ones, we always want to capture and cherish those moments in the form of pictures. What’s better than being able to share these moments within your close circuit in just a few clicks?


FlickrPix is an elegant and full-featured Flickr client for your Nokia smart phones. It allows you to shoot pictures, add metadata to it and upload to Flickr. FlickrPix not only helps you share your pictures, it also allows you to explore Flickr photos shared by you, your friends or the world. Just swipe and enjoy the slide shows in both landscape and portrait mode. All you need is a FLICKR/YAHOO account and you are set to share those lovely moments across.

Key Benefits:

• No more sending out bulky attachments in emails

• Real time connect to share the anecdotes of your experiences with friends

• Different ways of presenting the photo album like slide shows, thumbnails etc.