Operating System: iPhone

Application Category: Utility


Hopping cities is becoming a frequent activity in an urban life where day to day needs of people has to be taken into consideration. It would be so much easier for people to plan their day and other needs if they could get all the information related to a particular city while on the move.

eZiPlore is a zip code based explorer application which enables users to access a host of information like surrounding Mass Transit services, theaters, hospitals , restaurants, shopping and many more listed categories on their iPhone. Designed for all types of users who need comprehensive information of these categories, wherein a user can utilize this information on demand; in whichever city he/she currently is.
The user can enter the zipcode of the area and application gives a detailed view of utility services including address, rating, reviews, website and location for every destination sub category. It also allows the user to call/SMS to contact the utility service and gives driving directions.

Some Key Benefits: 

  • Detailed information of utility services on a single screen helps users in decision making
  • Reduces dependency on other sources and people

Download Link: http://itunes.apple.com/sn/app/eziplore/id343767524?mt=8