Operating System: Android

Application Category: Business


For all those who are frequent travelers, managing expenses today has become mandatory especially for reimbursements. To keep a track of where our money is being spent and how best to control and balance the spends is probably needed today. How we wish we had a comprehensive and easy to use calculator cum an intelligent tool which could make our life simpler.

ExpensIT is an expense tracking application that allows you to effortlessly manage all your business and personal expenses while on the go in just a few clicks. It allows creating multiple expense reports under different types like Personal, Business and Official. You can budget a ceiling amount for each expense reports to enable systematic and effective control of your expenses.
You can select from a list of predefined categories or define your own categories of expenses for each of the expense report; feed the bill and other amounts to obtain the total amount for the expense item. Moreover it provides an option of multiple currencies to record your expenses. What's more, it even allows you to save an image of the bill/receipts to avoid you the hassles of reconstructing where they came from at the end of your trip.

Some key benefits:

  • Create expense reports both in graphical and CSV format for reference
  • Alerts you to stay on the right track at all times
  • Official expenses can be marked as ‘current’ or ‘submitted’ to avoid missing on your important reimbursements
  • Soft copies of all the bills exported as emails for reimbursements
  • Immediate saving of information

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsongo.expensit&hl=en