Operating System: Nokia

Application Category: Business


Managing the expenses in today’s time is becoming increasingly difficult due to limited budgets and varied avenues to spend on. Expenses when carried out in an organized way fetches you maximum returns. Don’t you agree? That’s where BudgIT tracks your income spends in an organized manner and makes your financial life way simpler.

BudgIT enables creating budgets with a definite cycle time; amount allocated for it and allows adding transactions (income and expenses) for every specific budget. It allows you to create and track the budget cycle over daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, half-yearly and yearly duration. It has a rollover feature that automatically allocates the transaction amount in each budget cycle.
The application supports creating multiple budgets with multiple transactions for each budget. Each budget has its own Expense and Income category to determine the spent and available balance for specific budget to help you plan aptly. Moreover the application also creates reports for each budget which can be exported to your device or sent as an attachment in your email in CSV or HTML format.

Key benefits: 

  • Quick and simple transaction entries for each budget - allow selecting from a list of earlier entries or create new ones
  • Allows viewing history of the budgets for analyzing better
  • Graphical monthly reports incorporating different budgets. Reports can be created as per Budget vs. Income, Budget vs. Expense or Expense vs. Income categories
  • Provides a net position to identify the allocated budget and the available balance to empower you to make an informed and calculated financial decision.
  • Recurring transactions can be put in next budget cycle automatically
  • Rollover of the balance budget in the next cycle

Download Link: http://store.ovi.com/content/99644?clickSource=search