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Gilli Danda Game Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Gilli Danda Game Case Study

Gilli Danda Game Case Study

Introduced a popular game 'Gilli Danda' on Windows platform providing real life gaming experience by introducing Physics engine and Augmented Reality

Key Requirement

  • Including new innovative elements to increase the user engagement.
  • Aiming at an addictive, easy to play, yet challenging concept which could be mastered.
  • Retaining the games main attribute and focus, along with the presence of these novice elements. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Designed, developed and deployed for the Windows platform.
  • Emphasis was given on each object’s appearance before and after coming across the Gilli
  • Basic menus such as help, about and start were designed with simple. Know More >>


  • Generated about half a million downloads across all three platforms since its inception.
  • Ranked in top 6 for sports and recreation game app category on Windows Phone site. Know More >>

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