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Xoriant Network Management Case Study

11 September 2013
Case study
Network Management

Xoriant Network Management Case Study

Offered a high amount of flexibility by re-architecting and migrating the current monitoring tools of an old client-server (thick client) environment to the new thin client web-based architecture without affecting the business logic of old environment system.

Key Requirement

  • An architectural change was envisaged to replace the current CORBA-Java based thick client application and the adapter interface by a web-based administration interface with built-in Web Server
  • The partner would have expertise in multi-platform migration, testing, and performance tuning
  • A background in technical support and internationalization was also needed.Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • One Xoriant team began performing the support and sustaining tasks for the current client product.
  • Another team of experts studied the operations of the current product line with a view to re-architecting it.
  • Xoriant team built a new web-based architecture on top of the existing core functionality code; removing the existing CORBA links and making it work with multiple sites simultaneously.Know More >>


  • By establishing a multi-faceted team in India, our client was able to augment the product development as well as support teams, thus increasing the engineering bandwidth and support the current customers
  • It also helped them to simultaneously enhance the existing product functionality and re-architect the product.Know More >>
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Xoriant Network Management Case Study