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System Scalability and Performance Optimization of a Middleware Telecom Platform
16 December 2015
Case study
Product Engineering

System Scalability And Performance Optimization of a Middleware Telecom Platform

Automated integration test scripts for both client and server side functionalities for different protocols, reducing the QA time and errors by 30% for content management solution.

Key Requirement

  • Optimize the time consumed in creating heavy objects e.g.100 site URLS and corresponding pattern and matcher objects
  • Optimizing the request and the received response content which has irrelevant information and results in wasted processing time
  • Disk I/O operation were taking considerable time. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Eliminated the database transactions per request by modifying the flow to validate the master data for Services, Preferences, Language, Subscriber Type, etc. with the cache version.
  • Enhanced the subscriber caching mechanism by eliminating execution of procedure to remove subscriber objects from cache using Guava APIs
  • Resolved the issue where the application SDRs stopped writing abruptly. Know More >>


  • Successfully scaled the system from 500 TPS to 5000 TPS for individual node.
  • System was able to support 25000 TPS with 5 nodes. Increased the scalability of application beyond 500 TPS. Know More >>
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