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Our client’s businesses encompass a broad range of financial services asset management, banking and consumer finance, credit and charge cards, insurance, investments, investment banking and trading and use diverse channels to make them available to consumer and corporate customers around the world. The group has a huge global presence including Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, America, Latin America, Mexico and Japan. Our client is largely organized into five business groups.

SSB is a subsidiary of the client that provides brokerage, investment banking and asset management Services. It partnered with Xoriant for Order Handling Application Reengineering for the Underwriting function of US State Municipal Bonds It needed to:

  • Free sales coordinators so that they can do their job
  • Undertake systemic and automated validations of entered orders
  • Ease the Order Placement Process for financial consultants
  • Re-write existing Syndicate Website


  • Manual, time-consuming and error-prone process
  • No way to confirm if Orders are being placed against available bonds
  • Cancelled and Invalid Orders – too big for comfort


  • Design & development of Web based Order Management system for Primary market bonds during Retail order period (FC’s)
  • Primary market Syndicate calendar
  • Deal details (Negotiated/Competitive)
  • Wire details (By state/By deal)
  • Live Scale
  • Order entry – Multiple maturity
  • Order entry – Multiple client
  • Order Ticket
  • Order Statu
  • Live Updates to website (almost real-time) making possible up-to-date information availability to FCs
  • Single Sign-On integrated with client systems
  • Integration with client source (legacy) system (DB) and with client Order systems through available APIs


  • Sun Solaris Enterprise 420R (Solaris 2.8)
  • WebSphere 4.0.3 (App Server)
  • Sybase 11.9.2 (existing historical database)
  • JSP/Struts framework
  • JDK 1.2.1


  • Website GUI design
  • Integration with 4 different external systems using APIs
  • Live Updates from Server to website
  • Single Sign-On integration
  • Quick turnaround and roll-out
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