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Streamlining Healthcare Paperwork With iPad Application

11 September 2013
Case study
Healthcare Application

Streamlining Healthcare Paperwork with iPad Application

Cloud based scalable, optimized and secured health insurance exchange enabled end-customers to evaluate healthcare plans based on their financial, demographics and other several criterions

Key Requirements

  • Digitization of administrative forms with seamless access from
    Smartphones/ Tablets.

  • Validation of data in terms of mapping the formats as well as content.

  • Design and implementation of templates, to be made available for a
    quick reference. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Conceptualized, designed and developed a generic user defined component “FormBuilder” to convert the forms in physical formats to their digital format. This supported conversions to the different formats of pdf, jpg, etc. The component was designed to enable incorporating additional digital formats with minimal code changes, thus allowing easier enhancements.

  • Created template forms that can be liberally used to generate various kinds of digitized administrative forms. Know More >>


  • This iPad application gave our client the first mover advantage, thus improving the user base by 20% within a quarter of its launch

  • New form roll out cycle from concept to implementation was reduced by 40% using FormBuilder. Know More >>

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Streamlining Healthcare Paperwork With iPad Application