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Preventive Health Management Portal

19 May 2016
Case study
Preventive Health Management Portal

Preventive Health Management Portal

Developed a preventive health management portal, which provide information for a user's current and perceived health issues based on his/her family history and DNA along with a Customer Relationship Management System that holds sensitive data of physicians, nurses and patients.

Key Requirements

  • Our client wanted to create a solution which could assess one’s risks for a variety of diseases based on genetic, medical, behavioral, and environmental information.
  • Integrate features like clinic support tool, to enable better medical-decision making through physician expertise, clinical knowledge, genome interpretation, and health analytics.
  • Add dashboard feature for charting and plotting genetic data to make sensible view of human chromosomes.Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Created Customer Relationship Management system that holds encrypted data of physicians, nurses and patients that use JSON based REST APIs using Spring MVC and Jackson framework.
  • Integrated PayPal payment gateway with CRM Module and Web Application Interface for easy online payments.
  • Integrated wearable’s API to track physical activity, calorie intake, and sleep activity in order to measure progress towards a healthier life style through wearable.Know More >>


  • Easily extensible and more than 70% modifiable application architecture for future updates.
  • High acceptance of web portal due to the ease of use and seamless user experience on multiple browsers.
  • Aggressive releases resulted in shorter time to market thereby giving our client a first mover advantage over competition. Know More >>
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Preventive Health Management Portal