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Migrating an Identity Resolution software to open source

Migrating an Identity Resolution software to open source

A leading developer and provider of identity resolution software, eliminated commercial licenses and distribution cost involved in building Web UI by migrating from ExtJS to open source platform JQuery.

Key Requirements

  • Replication of the two user interfaces of the solution namely for management and desktop
  • Management application is the administrative interface in which the search criteria fed are reflected in the Desktop application to search and resolve an identity of any person
  • Desktop application being the main interface is used to find or track the information of any given individual or entity. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Created a reusable framework using modular pattern which is more configurable and maintainable.
  • Created a replica of EXTJS desktop in JQuery with all of the required functions like search, discover, decide, cases, favorites.
  • Developed a replica of EXTJS IMS in JQuery which enables administrating the search criteria in desktop application for resolving an identity as per the vertical Industry. Know More >>


  • Solved client's cost issues from the original web, within aggressive timelines.
  • Enabled export functionalities to various file formats. Know More >>
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