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Intelligent Text Analytics and Contract Document Analyzer

Xoriant helped a multinational company to develop an automatic legal document analyzer to analyze contract documents which helped them to improve the overall workflow efficiency by 40% and accuracy of the contract review process by 60%.

Key Requirements

  • Develop an editor to upload files in different formats and view the contract
  • Develop a graphical representation of the result to compare it with the original document
  • Find relation among the entities extracted, for instance two parties involved in the contract, their address, contract amount, contract start date, contract end date and so on Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Built rich text editor to upload and view the contract using AngularJS and jQuery
  • Designed node graph using AngularJS and jQuery to represent the entities and their relations in a much simplified manner
  • Built a customized address detection algorithm using the decision making and classification algorithm to detect addresses within the contract Know More >>


  • Automating the document review process improved the overall workflow efficiency by 40% resulting in quick review cycles.
  • Human errors got eliminated thereby improving the accuracy of the contract review process by 60%. Know More >>
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