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End-To-End Testing Of a Health Insurance Exchange

End-To-End Testing Of a Health Insurance Exchange

Cloud based scalable, optimized and secured health insurance exchange enabled end-customers to evaluate healthcare plans based on their financial, demographics and other several criterions.

Key Requirements

  • Determine the performance limits of the application including both scalability and reliability on cloud.
  • Identify bottlenecks at various system levels.
  • Execute performance benchmarking & failover testing. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant testing team primarily focused on client’s business functionality and ensured end-to-end functional precision without any exception. The offshore testing team partnered with the client and followed Agile methodology for testing services. An effective communication channel between the client, offshore teams and onshore teams ensured completeness and clarity of the requirements. Xoriant functional testing experts implemented robust test process using Zephyr of JIRA to deliver complete test management and reporting.
  • Xoriant team created business critical regression test suites for all States the product was developed for. Weekly regression cycles were carried out with identification and closure of defects well before time of the product releases.
  • Considering that the need for this exchange portal was mandated by the US government, it was imperative for the client to comply with all healthcare federal laws under ACA (Affordable Care Act). 100% compliance being one of the critical areas, Xoriant team performed open web application project (OWASP) top 10 testing for all releases of the product using tools like Burp, Paros, Wireshark , Nessus, IBM Appscan and Qualys. Know More >>


  • Continuous integration and release management with test automation achieved high build stability
  • Automation test execution reduced total cost dedicated for quality assurance by 20%. Know More >>
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