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Embedded Devices Monitoring and Sensors Management System

Embedded Devices Monitoring and Sensors Management System

Scalable cloud based solution used sensor values from numerous communicating devices and enabled monitoring, controlling, over-the-air -provisioning, configuration and firmware upgrade of the associated devices.

Key Requirements

  • Developing a cloud framework that could interact with 1000s of connected devices regardless of the protocols being used by individual devices for communication. This in return would enable seamless M2M communication with the devices for easy retrieval of sensor values, device locations etc.
  • Collating all the values from the devices like device location, temperature, light, humidity, battery strength and signal strength etc. and create a database for easy and quick retrieval
  • Creating a customized o ine Google Maps functionality for e ortless tracking of sensor devices and capturing values from them. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Developed a sensor chart system using a third party chart software – High-charts, to facilitate complete visualization of the collected sensor data and draw actionable insights
  • Configured device specific rules and settings, collated them and developed a functionality to automate the complete process of configuring and tuning the sensor devices without any human intervention and delays
  • Developed an over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade system to help client reduce the time required for manually upgrading the devices. Also plan for MDM is on to push the upgrades remotely. Know More >>


  • The cloud based system is easily configurable for different types of devices, and sensors thus making the product generic, simple, scalable and highly customizable
  • Apt location tracking of devices, monitoring values and usable under offine mode in a secured environment ensured effective monitoring and firmware management which in turn enabled our client to improve customer satisfaction by 35%. Know More >>
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