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Development and Upgradation of Analytics and Social Proof Messaging Platform

02 June 2016
Case study
Development and Upgradation of Platform

Development and upgradation of Analytics and Social Proof Messaging Platform

Upgraded client’s existing social proof messaging platform to provide their clients with a better UI, reporting system, an easy to analyze dashboard and scalable architecture, thus resulting in to increased customer engagement levels, instant conversion uplift and reduced bounce rate.

Key Requirements

  • Design and develop a dashboard, which allows client’s customer to control and set the experiment [A/B testing] to monitor effect on their sales
  • Develop better reporting system to advise the shopping sites, which items to stock, which items are trending and which items are selling fast
  • Adopt a better and scalable architecture with cleaner responsibilities among various server side components to counter growing customer base Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Migrated the Ajax based V1 API server to Rest Based V2 API server for improved system scalability
  • Implemented command line utilities using Java and Bash scripting to import existing customer data in to client’s platform
  • Defined Sprint based project process and used Jira to track the progress and feedback of the customer and developer to keep up the expectationsKnow More >>


  • Increased customer engagement levels and reach by displaying social proof messages
  • Instant conversion uplift by reducing cart adornment, reduce bounce rates by 40% Know More >>
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Development and Upgradation of Analytics and Social Proof Messaging Platform