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Customer Management Portal - Automation Testing Case Study

18 June 2015
Case study
Customer Management Portal

Customer Management Portal - Automation Testing Case Study

A leading mobile and digital advertising technology client improved customer service efficiency by 20% by allowing field personnel to access service data and take additional orders on-the-go through a comprehensive customer management portal.

Key Requirements

  • Determine system functionality for appropriate bucketing of the data as per the categories and attributes of the incoming media
  • Functional automation testing for key functionalities of the portal to ensure performance of the reporting platform for modules like Monetization, Ad Server, Mobile etc.
  • Thorough testing of integration and collaboration of the system with the end users of the system including both publishers and demand partners. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Prepared test plans in test case management system like Test Rails
  • Automated end-to-end configuration of external MicroStrategy reports like the Ad Server Reports, Bid Performance Reports etc.
  • Integrated UI with the Vertica database and MySQL to check for consistency. Know More >>


  • Increased efficiency of the clients product by automating almost 90% of the product screens
  • Incorporating best practices and automation scripts led to quick time to market. Know More >>
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Customer Management Portal - Automation Testing Case Study