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Custom LinkedIn Communities Portal for Our Social Media Marketing Client

11 September 2013
Case study
Custom Portal Development

Custom LinkedIn Communities Portal for our Social Media Marketing client

Built a web portal for collaboration and social sharing that facilitates  sharing blogs, posts, videos etc.among its customer base resulting  in 15% increase in client' business leads.

Key Requirements

  • Single sign-on using social networking websites.

  • Allow creating groups of various categories like

    • Human Resources.
    • Career Management.
    • Information Technology.
    • Energy.
    • Finance. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Used LAMP, Amazon cloud architecture on Drupal 6 as the basic framework to extend the functionalities as per the requirements of a community portal. It started with creation of a single unified interface to architect, manage and monitor for different social networking websites like Linkedin.

  • Enabled to showcase the marketing materials like presentations, case studies, other collateral on these community portals which are downloadable and members could leave in their views and opinions.

  • Allowed the members to participate in various groups and discussions by integrating these entities with the portal and registering with respective social networking website APIs. Know More >>


  • Helps client moderate the group, formulate ideas to create conversations, and build the social dialogue to subtly bring in the brand authority

  • Increased the followers base for the groups manifold and helped enhance the brand awareness by 20%. Know More >>

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Custom LinkedIn Communities Portal for Our Social Media Marketing Client