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Our client’s businesses encompass a broad range of financial services asset management, banking and consumer finance, credit and charge cards, insurance, investments, investment banking and trading and use diverse channels to make them available to consumer and corporate customers around the world. The group has a huge global presence including Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, America, Latin America, Mexico and Japan. Our client is largely organized into five business groups.

  • Correspondent Clearing Services (CCS) is a clearing service to be offered to Introducing Brokers (IB) by The client.
  • IB’s will be established as third party branches in the client systems
  • CCS requires that the Smith Barney branch structure be leveraged to accommodate CCS as a separate division to allow for IB customer (non 002).
  • Currently the correspondent clearing market is sized at approximately 5 billion dollars and is dominated by three to five clearers.


  • The entire enhancement project required knowledge of multiple technologies and application knowledge of MDTS/ Compass.
  • Analysis of legacy code to develop new components required for CCS implementation.
  • The architecture of the system did not segregate the services code from the UI code & it was a challenge to implement new design on this architecture.
  • To complete the enhancements in both MDTS & Compass in limited time without compromising the quality of deliverables.
  • Configuration management of the CVS repository due to parallel development by The client on the same source tree.
  • Change management – new requirements


  • A segregation of access to trades for view/add/update/delete purposes was done on the screens as well as in the reports generated for the users.
  • Delivered in multiple phases of the system as per the required guidelines.
  • Provided support to The client during UAT and post production for each of the phases.
  • Performed multiple merging activity with parallel solutions developed by The client.
  • Performed system testing of about 1100 existing test cases and 500 additional test cases created by Xoriant to validate the new functionality.
  • The entire project was a 120 Person Month project that was spread over 12 months with an average team size of 10 persons.


  • C/C++ using Forte 6.2
  • Xwindows / XMotif
  • Rogue Wave libraries
  • IONA (Corba)
  • Sun Solaris 2.8
  • Sybase v12.5.
  • The in house libraries developed by The client like GFINET, TBOT


  • Access to large technical pool of resources.
  • Built Domain expertise within the team.
  • Standardized & matured development methodologies.
  • Delivery was done in phases, which enabled The client to have much better control on the modules being promoted to production.
  • Delivered a logging tool that could be used by The client for validation during any of their enhancement projects.
  • Cost Effective solution
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