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Cloud Desktop Storage Case Study

Cloud Desktop Storage Case Study

Integration and migration of existing licensed based system to open source resulting in 40 % cost saving with implementation of SSO and 3DES key encryption.

Key Requirements

  • Core development team comprising of a technical architect and technical lead from Xoriant - Microsoft Center of Excellence had a series of discussions/meetings with our client counterparts to gather finer details of this engagement.
  • Our team proposed a modular architecture for plug-in application which is both secure and scalable to meet the clients evolving requirements. Xoriant also recommended the use of secure API based REST architecture to connect with our client’s
  • web platform. By designing a 2-tier application framework, the Xoriant team built a loosely coupled architecture allowing our client to incorporate additional features with minimal code changes. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Developed MS Outlook plug-in which allows users to save/download attachments from their e-mails directly to the client platform and MS Office plug-in which allows users to open & update files directly on the platform without having to create any local copy.
  • Designed RIA based rich user interface to provide enhanced usability for the users.
  • Implemented mechanism to cache user folder hierarchy thus improving overall application performance. Know More >>


  • Provided our client ‘first mover’ advantage over its competition since there was no product for integration of the collaboration platform with MS Office suite available in the market
  • Enabled our client reach and maintain a leadership position in the collaboration cloud segment by integrating its PaaS solution with most popular MS Office suite. Know More >>
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