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Advance Data Analytics Solution

16 December 2015
Case study
Advanced Data Analytics Solutions

Advance Data Analytics Solution

Designed a scalable data analytics solution that helped a BFSI client to integrate data from its several enterprise solutions to aid quick decision making and to overcome the limitations of regular business intelligence solution.

Key Requirements

  • Data Extraction: retrieval of data from different data sources viz. DBMS, CSV, and text files in a specific pattern.
  • Cleaning and fetching data with relatively few computational operations, and produce actionable output data.
  • Develop reporting and provide real-time analytics and visualization on the processed data. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant implemented a scalable solution which provided the required functionalities of eliminating large amount of code at each layer of present system by using Cassandra DB.
  • Integrated client’s platform with Hadoop framework while using Cassandra, a NoSQL database and Solr text search platform for processing data effectively.
  • Incorporated NoSQL database, graph logical structures and graph traversal technique to enable validation, cleanup, and manipulation of data before it can be used by client’s system.Know More >>


  • Provided high scalability as any new data node can be added and related to current node in the system.
  • Reduced the implementation and ongoing maintenance cost by 20% because of the centralized graph logic algorithm.
  • Introduced new reports and reduced report generation time by 70% resulting in quick informed decisions.Know More >>
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Advance Data Analytics Solution