Business Applications

As more and more business functions have been computerized over the last few decades, software applications which help enterprises transact business, conduct business processes, facilitate collaboration among different employees and monitor/report the status of the business toward optimization, have become critical. In a super-competitive business environment, the effectiveness of business applications in helping run the business efficiently can end up differentiating the winners from the losers.

Multiple business applications are used in enterprises in major industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, technology and others, in addition to public sector institutions such as governments and universities. Some business applications are common across multiple industries and companies of multiple sizes; whereas some other applications are specific to certain industries and companies. In some cases, especially in financial services industry, some companies use their specialized business applications as a key differentiating factor. These applications enable enterprises to execute, monitor and optimize their business operations better than their competitors.

Business Application Management Services:

Deployment and management of enterprise information systems, which comprise ever changing systems infrastructure inside and outside the enterprise as well as plethora of business applications, again residing either inside or outside the enterprise becomes a continuous journey, as opposed to one time destination. Companies have to constantly evaluate between deploying new systems, versus continuing their current systems with or without enhancements.

In many cases, organizations deploy a combination of internal resources and outside resources from organizations such as Xoriant to manage the lifecycle of these information systems.

Xoriant has partnered with many customers in different aspects of the deployment and management of these systems by deploying one or more of the following services:

  • Application Development
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Application Integration
  • Application Testing

Application Development Services:

Successful enterprises use the best-of-class people, processes and systems to run and continuously optimize their business. These companies continuously invest in systems and business applications to be able to reliably deliver innovative products, distinctive strategy, and optimum business processes for business execution. While some business processes are standard, which are supported by packaged applications, many other unique business processes and information systems are unique for an industry and the company, which need to be supported by unique business applications custom built for that company. In many other cases, the general business functions such as accounting, procurement, supply chain management, order management and others can be more easily managed by standard applications packages, configured and customized for the specific business enterprise.

As a result, typical application development can be classified into two categories:

  • Custom Applications Development
  • Packaged Applications Implementation