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Success in today’s fast-paced, demand-driven supply chains requires sophisticated transportation and logistics capabilities. Without a strong competency for transportation planning and freight consolidation, customer service may be compromised and profits will surely suffer.

Forward-thinking organizations leverage technology to help them create optimized transportation plans and lower their transportation costs.


Xoriant helps implement Infor™ Transportation Planning, a robust supply chain solution that is used by leading manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies worldwide. With over 30 man-years of experience in implementation and maintenance of Infor products, we help logistics operation companies select the best transport modes and carriers to fulfill transportation requirements, while taking advantage of savings opportunities through consolidation.

Through Transportation Planning, we will help clients generate intelligent transportation plans and reduce shipping costs across the board—from improved order and shipment consolidation, mode and carrier selection, and common carriage and private fleet utilization to smarter vehicle routing and scheduling. This impressive solution can easily be combined with additional Infor applications for transportation procurement, warehousing, transportation management, route planning, international trade logistics, and supply chain planning.

Xoriant will implement the solution comprehensively so client have all the tools needed to determine the most cost-effective way to meet service commitments by creating optimal transportation plans that find the lowest cost-while meeting customer service commitments and best utilizing transportation assets and carriers.

Additionally, the solution can help logistics and transportation companies analyze new business proposals to determine operational and cost efficiencies, respond to RFPs more effectively, and ultimately increase sales success.


Freight consolidation—aggregate, optimize, consolidate

Transportation Planning provides powerful capabilities for analyzing orders to be shipped based on origin and destination locations, required ship dates, and service levels and consolidating those orders into loads. Then, it will determine the best way to move those loads via line haul common carriage, private fleet, or multi-stop truckloads based on constraints such as delivery dates and costs.

Shipments can be pooled at a central location in order to create larger shipments suitable for truckloads or rail carloads.

Fleet management—increase operating efficiency

With Transportation Planning, we can help clients create optimal daily or multi-period vehicle routes and schedules. The solution also offers support for “what-if” tactical transportation planning including the best fleet design and carrier capacity.

Inbound and outbound integration—savings opportunities

Using Transportation Planning, we can help clients coordinate purchasing and scheduling of supplier-to plant inbound shipments with the outbound distribution of goods. This unification of inbound and outbound movements increases resource utilization and lowers transportation costs.

Xoriant’s Transportation Planning has a strong track record for delivering rapid ROI. We can help your company generate a fast return through:

  • Lower transportation costs

  • Enhanced service levels

  • Decreased cycle times

  • Increased operating efficiencies

  • Increased profits from bidding and backhaul