An initial set of building blocks are available on the Nokia QT platform. These building blocks have been used to help speed up development of mobile applications on the QT platform.

UI Widgets:

  • A set of UI components like “List” and “Details” screen which can be reused across multiple applications on the same platform.

  • Photo Browser: Photo browser lib for display of multiple thumbnail photos in collage form and provide mechanism to browse through the entire range of available photos.


  • A “WSDL to Platform Specific Client Stubs Generator” that generates platform specific classes (“.h” and “.cpp”) classes based on the WSDL and schema information of the service provider.

  • Support for REST and SOAP services to access the data on the server side.


  • Data Interface classes: This acts an interface between the client stubs and the UI components so that the UI components are independent of data. We only need to overwrite these interface classes for new application.

  • XML Parser Libraries

Education and Training:

  • Server Authentication and Security support for features such as “MD5” authentication.

Location Based Services:

  • Implementation of a Map kit library with features like panning, zoom in/out and directions.