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An initial set of building blocks are available on the Apple iPhone platform. These building blocks have been used to help speed up development of mobile applications on the iPhone platform.

Custom UI Controls

  • Contains basic UI controls like List View ,Details View which are used almost across all iPhone application.

  • These modules have been implemented to be data independent

XML Parsing Libraries

  • These libraries are implemented to Parse data received from the server and to convert to a format that can be displayed on the UI.

  • Based on "TouchXml" libraries provided by iPhone SDK.

HTTP Request and Response functions

  • This module is used provide interface for creating HTTP request and response packet to query data for the server.

  • The libraries provide synchronous call to the server.

Map View Integration

This module provides integration for Mapkit provided by iPhone SDK. It has following features:

  • Center Map on specified location

  • Provision of Custom Annotation to be displayed on the map

  • Display of the data overlay on the map

  • Zoom in ,Zoom Out and Driving Directions

Photo Collage

This module provides a custom Photo Collage view which is not a part of iPhone SDK. It has following features:

  • Display of thumbnail view of images as a collage view

  • Ability to view selected images in a "full view" format

  • Ability to browse through all images using "prev" and "next" buttons

Social Media Integration

  • Provides integration with Facebook, Twitter and Friend Feed.

  • Allows registered user to update the status on iPhone