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An initial set of building blocks are available on the Google Android platform. These building blocks have been used to help speed up development of mobile applications on the Android platform.

Custom UI Controls

  • Contains basic UI controls like List View and Details View, which are used in most Android applications.

  • These modules have been implemented to be data independent.

Networking Module

  • This module is used provide utility classes that wrap HTTP request and response packets to query data for the server.

  • This module can be used both in a synchronous fashion and with the Android Async Task.

Application Management Module

  • This module is used provide utility classes allow an application to store preferences and also present a UI for maintaining the configuration.

  • A Model View Controller to manage views(activities) and data via an Application controller.

Location and Mapping Module

This module integrates with the GPS sensor on Android:

  • It provides a good abstraction to deal with GPS programming.

  • Allows for plotting of data via custom markers on a Map.

Social Media Integration

  • Provides integration with Facebook, Twitter and Friend Feed.

  • Allows registered user to update the status and perform search on any of the above Social Networks.

Auto Update Framework

  • Allows for an application to get notified in case of new updates.

  • Works in conjunction with the networking module and server side infrastructure.