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Enterprise account management programs are essential to unleash the revenue power and spend power of your organization. The complexity of global accounts (e.g., multiple sites and organizational structures) and multiple contact points makes the aggregation of account information virtually impossible.

Global customers and suppliers are becoming increasingly more complex to manage and understand Companies that can map these complex relationships have the power to identify massive untapped potential in their existing global accounts, resulting in significant positive bottom-line impact for their business.


Xoriant's Hierarchy Management (HM) Solution addresses real world requirements to model and manage both complex customer relationships and internal operations that service those customers. Xoriant HM is a web-based application that provides visual models to define and manage global accounts. Business users can then modify these definitions to create their own hierarchies or groupings to directly affect their business goals. Xoriant HM can give your business the ability to reduce cost of goods sold, improve marketing campaigns, ease sales territory assignment and management, calculate sales credits for global accounts, manage credit risks and capture the untapped potential in global accounts.


The Xoriant HM Solution is based on the Xoriant's Hierarchy Manager product and is available with combined integration technology and professional services.

Xoriant HM is a phased solution with two components:

  • Building a Reference Hierarchy

  • Creating Custom Hierarchies "Family Tree Structures"


Xoriant Hierarchy Management can be used to build a reference hierarchy of customers. Most companies begin with the legal hierarchy as a foundation for building the reference hierarchy. Xoriant HM provides seamless integration with data from authoritative sources such as Dun & Bradstreet to quickly build legal hierarchies. Often the reference hierarchy is a modified version of the legal hierarchy to support company specific business rules, such as:

  • Two customer companies merged to form a single legal entity but you still want to treat
    them as separate customers.

  • The nature of a company's business may lead to a relationship between two customers which
    otherwise has no legal relationship (e.g., Distributors with end users).


Although the reference hierarchy is the primary view of customers, different functions require varying views of global accounts. For example, sales organizations need to group customers based on regions, territories, lines of business and product lines; marketing organizations need to have access to demographics such as industries, size, and location; and sales operations/finance departments want to assign sales credits based on sales organization hierarchy. It is virtually impossible to navigate through the vast array of documents that exist in your business and develop the customized hierarchies or groupings necessary for these operational departments.

Using Xoriant HM, each individual within your organization can visually model and manage customized hierarchies from the reference hierarchy. These hierarchies can be published and made available to other applications such as sales credit assignment and reporting, sales territory assignment, global reporting and also to other departments such as marketing, sales, and finance.

Xoriant HM allows users to model, manage, publish and synchronize customer hierarchies and relationships to better understand global accounts and improve marketing campaigns, sales territory/account assignments, sales credit assignments, contracts compliance, purchasing power and global credit risk management.


  • Simplify global account management

  • Realize the true un tapped potential of major global accounts

  • Understand the buy/sell relationship

  • Reduce operational expenses in managing complex accounts

  • Improve credit risk management

  • Unleash the power of Oracle's Trading Community Architecture (TCA)


  • Enterprise-wide Reference Hierarchy

  • Designed for integration with 3rd party databases (Dun & Bradstreet)

  • Web browser, drag & drop user interface

  • Hierarchy data available to other applications, departments and reporting requirements

  • Scalable to support any number of hierarchy nodes

  • Unlimited local copies and versions

  • Built-in Rules Engine


The Xoriant HM Solution runs on an industry-standard J2EE-compliant platform featuring a Sun Solaris operating system, Oracle database, Tomcat or Weblogic application server and any current Web browser. Xoriant HM is portable to other platform, database and application server environments. Please contact us for more details on availability.


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