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Enterprises using information technology to run their internal processes and customer-facing applications are facing a new challenge today. Their customers now expect to make real time decisions without human intervention using the most relevant, accurate and fresh information obtained by interacting directly with the enterprise data and applications environments. As the demand for service oriented architectures and web services proliferate, legacy applications need to interact seamlessly with the new environments and also accommodate service components within their architecture.

Business applications must evolve quickly to keep pace with changing business needs and shifts in technology. In addition, the demands on existing applications increases exponentially as businesses grow. With increasing complexity of the technology stacks: multiple applications packages; high volumes and complexity of data; and increasing security considerations, it is not cost effective for enterprises to hire and retain internal staff to maintain and innovate their IT/IS environment. Enterprises groom their internal business and domain experts, while partnering with technical specialists to develop new applications layers, as well as to maintain, support, enhance and integrate their existing systems, applications and data environments

Xoriant is a specialist Business Applications Services provider who will work as an extended arm to your IT team. We offer onsite consulting to help you define business requirements and application roadmaps; and onsite/offshore teams for activities such as applications development, testing, implementation, production support and maintenance. You can cost effectively utilize multiple applications, technologies, databases and tools to realize the most optimal price-performance ratio well within your budgets. So, what makes us different and better?

  • Satisfied clients who are our repeat clients

  • Services track record for over 15 years

  • Expertise in different applications, industries and technology stacks

  • Library of frameworks, components and solutions to help enhance the productivity

  • Judicious use of global locations for world-wide to support users/customers across time zones


Even though Xoriant's skilled software development teams have the capability to use SEICMM Level 4 processes and capabilities, we can adopt your processes, or create a hybrid from the best-of-breed features using onsite, offshore and hybrid delivery. Some of our development activities include:

  • Process definition and software requirement specifications

  • Requirement definition for add-ons, special features or customizations

  • Architecture and design of applications using industry-standard technology platforms and design tools

  • Development within and across technology stacks - Microsoft, UNIX and Open Source


Xoriant's package experience spans horizontal packages such as SAP and Oracle as well as vertical industry specific packages. This experience combined with Xoriant's technical, functional and integration expertise allows us to tune a package very closely to your business environment as well as seamlessly connect it to other environments. We offer:

  • Gap analysis in your current environment, the package and your target environment

  • Architectural design, estimation of effort and planning

  • Data mapping, data migration and testing

  • Customization of data structures, screens, reports and view

  • Implementation, testing, user training


Outsourcing pre-launch testing to a specialist vendor allows you to free your resources for development activities, thus helping reduce your release cycle and improve application quality. Xoriant brings extensive experience in testing in diverse environments. Our core test services include:

  • Functionality and UI

  • Robustness, Reliability

  • Accessibility, Usability

  • Regression testing

  • Boundary testing

  • Compliance

Xoriant understands that the complex applications delivery mechanism requires a mix of onsite, offsite, and offshore infrastructure and resources. As a globally operational company, we bring a flexible services offering to our clients - right delivery at the right price and in the right time zone/geography. Xoriant's executive team has deep experience in delivering services to multiple clients, large and small. Our business applications maintenance services offer the following benefits:

  • Improved stability and efficiency of mission-critical applications

  • Refocus customer energies on strategic initiatives by handing over the development, maintenance and enhancement of business applications to a trusted and reliable partner

  • Improve quality of service

  • Keeping user applications in line with the latest technologies, versions, and environments

  • Reduce total cost of ownership


"Xoriant's edge lies in their unwavering focus on flawless execution: in development, support, or customer services."

Vice President of IT

Large financial services firm


Xoriant has successfully accomplished several large scale migration projects on various platforms over the past decade. Some resulted into significant re engineering efforts. Our re-engineering services follow a well-defined process that ensures smooth transition to the newer platform, thus minimizing risk to the business. Our migration services:

  • Extend the life of the legacy system by selectively upgrading or changing components to incorporate the latest technology or functionality paradigms.

  • Scale up to handle a larger user base

  • Resolve operational or performance issues with current application portfolio

  • Achieve a higher degree of maintainability and reduce maintenance costs

  • Alleviate licensing and support issues with older technologies

  • Improve usability and portability of applications


Xoriant understands that the success of any application implementation relies heavily on post-deployment processes. We have competent support professionals who render online help and trouble-shooting at client sites, over telephone, and email. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Level 1 through 4 services

  • Providing functional know-how including custom training

  • Troubleshooting technical and functional problems

  • Providing workarounds

  • Handholding for bug fixes and creating release patches


Successful business applications create their own challenges: demand for new functionality, features, better usability, better performance, reliability and connectivity. It is very important to ensure that these requests are evaluated, prioritized and approached on the basis of cost/benefit analysis, while simultaneously developing new applications. Our Applications Maintenance Services include:

  • Maintaining the application environment and code base

  • Creating bug fixes and release patches

  • Performing custom features and functionality enhancement

  • Re-engineering for porting, migrating, or upgrades