Sonar Qube

Introduction to SonarQube

What is SonarQube ? Most of you might have heard about Sonar or SonarQube as an automated code review tool. That’s right! However, SonarQube is not limited to only performing automated code review and providing a list of findings. As…

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Constructing JMX Connection Pool using Apache-Commons-Pool

The Java Management Extensions (JMX) technology is vastly used to build distributed Web-based, modular, and dynamic solutions for managing and monitoring devices, applications, and service-driven networks. In this blog, I will explain how one can enhance their application performance monitoring…

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Automating Data Collection Using HtmlUnit

Introduction The secret behind any successful business operation is their powerful data collection and strategizing the business activities based on the data.  In both the cases it is important to automate the data collection to avoid manual efforts and errors…

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