State of React

Xoriant Open Source Contribution to Apache Arrow - JDBC Adapter

Introduction to Blockchain

Burn Down Charts - A Way Of Effective Sprint Management

Burn Down Charts: A Way Of Effective Sprint Management

Introduction Burn-down charts are commonly used for sprint tracking by agile practitioners. The most effective and used method is plotting burn-down charts using efforts remaining versus remaining time to complete it, by doing so teams can manage their progress. At…

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Cloud and Infrastructure

Introduction to Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes? We are at an interesting phase in software development where the focus has clearly shifted now to how we can write distributed and scalable applications that can be deployed, run and monitored effectively. Docker took the first…

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AWS Lambda
Cloud and Infrastructure

Introduction to AWS Lambda

Serverless Computing has garnered significant traction in recent times as a way to run workloads in the cloud. The premise of Serverless Computing is to allow developers to focus on the code, deploy code as functions and deploy their code…

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