A Podcast to Refer if you are Developing Web Applications

In this interview, Patrick Nicolas – CTO at 24x7 Content discusses his experience of Web Application Development with Sanjeev Nambudiri (Vice President Software Engineering Productivity Evangelist at Xoriant). He also addresses a wide range of questions ranging from the latest trends and tools to the architectural principles to apply and the pitfalls to avoid while developing Web applications. It’s not just good enough to have a cool interface anymore - applications should be able to monitor, store, and analyze vast quantities of social media information to understand trends and help users make decisions. If you develop Web Applications then this podcast is likely to be quite an engaging one.

Skype Offers Ideas on Developing and Testing Mobile Apps for Multiple Platforms

In this interview Patrick Hilt - Chief Mobile Handset Architect at Skype offers a fascinating insight into the role that mobile plays in Skype's plans including invaluable practical suggestions on how to approach the tricky issues which come up while developing & testing apps for the multitude of Smartphone platforms in use today. The podcast will benefit anyone who designs, develops or tests software for mobiles.

The interview is conducted by Sanjeev Nambudiri (Vice President Software Engineering Productivity Evangelist at Xoriant) for Software Engineering Productivity, one of the best and largest LinkedIn group on software engineering sponsored by Xoriant.

Is Agile Applicable to All Projects?

In this podcast, Ashish Nathani one of Xoriant’s SCRUM master discusses the adoption of Agile for software development projects. In the course of the discussion it was analyzed that Agile being a widely popular methodology however it is not applicable for all types of projects. Also, this podcast details the need of different tools which, enable efficient tracking of agile projects which has multi location teams.

RIP: The Death of .NET?

In this podcast software engineering experts share their thoughts on the state of the .NET development platform today and where it is headed. These experts discuss the feasibility of open source vs. licensed software and whether the added costs of licensing proprietary technology still make sense in a world with increasingly mature open source internet platforms?

Living in a 64-bit World: Making Apps Work with 64-bit OSes

In this podcast, Sushil Sapre Xoriant’s key member of Microsoft COE discusses with other Windows developers about their experiences in developing software that not only runs well on the increasingly popular 64-bit O/Ses, but can take advantage of it as well. Sushil also talks about the key points to consider in making your apps and products compatible with 64-bit machines and gives hands-on advice in making the transition.

Using Agile for Global Projects

In this podcast interview, Bhavesh Ved, VP Delivery of Xoriant discusses the concept of ‘Distributed Agile’ with Michael Surkan, Chief Evangelist of LinkedIn Software Engineering Productivity group. In this interview Mr. Ved talks about how adopting distributed agile methodology can enable global clients to respond more quickly to changing market dynamics. He also identifies the challenges in using agile in distributed environment and proposes the best practices and strategies adopted by Xoriant to mitigate them.

Software Engineering Productivity is one of the best and largest LinkedIn group on software engineering. The group includes top technology executives (CTOs, Chief Architects, and VPs) of many Fortune 500 companies and provides a platform for software professionals to share ideas about the best ways to manage engineering projects, create and deliver quality products to meet customer and market needs.