Know what you are Testing and Keep it Clean

In this interview Jason Schadewald a Product Manager at Parasoft, explains how having old testing software may not always be a bad thing.  He emphasizes on the importance to make sure that the right tests are run which really deliver useful results. The key to good software testing regimes is to be highly selective in choosing what to test. Apart from this he also elicits about the importance to give software engineers building tests the time they need for a quality job. To know more about this interesting topic, do listen to the podcast.

Navigating the Hazardous Seas of Technology Transitions

In this interview Jeff Collins VP Engineering at Lithium Technologies gets into a candid conversation to discuss about the transition process for a company to newer technologies such as HTML5 and angular. He elicits on the importance of empowering the engineering team with choosing the technology to be implemented rather than following a dictatorial approach. Apart from this Jeff also talks about the difficult decisions involved in deciding whether to just abandon all work on the existing platform while working on a new technology. To know more about this intriguing topic, do listen to this engaging podcast.

The Next Thing in Computing - Human Assisted Learning

In this interview, Alex Poon VP of engineering at Outbrain, gets into a candid conversation with Software evangelist Sanjeev Nambudiri, discussing how computers when supported with human assistants tend to be far more effective in accomplishing various tasks, then either of two functioning alone. This has resulted in many firms trying to implement a human assisted computing module for their businesses Netflix is one such firm that has gone ahead by providing its users an option of a need specific profile thereby enabling them for a better movie watching experience.To grab more insights on how the next computing module, might turn out to be, grab an ear for this engaging podcast.

Despite Flaws, Mobile Security Standards are Still Important

In this interview, software evangelist Sanjeev Nambudari gets into a candid conversation with Hadi Nahari, Chief Architect with NVDIA, about the vitality of mobile security standards such as the Trusted Platform Module and Trusted Execution Environment and how complexities, have  led to many manufacturers not implementing them on a regular basis. Mr. Nahari also elicits the need  and approach for mobile security standards to be updated for addressing the latest technology issues and mitigating complications overtime. To know more about interesting insights on mobile security standards, do listen to this podcast.

The Grand Unification Theory of Modern App Design

In this podcast interview Ajay Kapur CEO at MoovWeb, talks about the possibilities of achieving a unified software design and code-base across multiple devices. Ajay gives an insight about how enhancements to technologies like REST are making responsive app design a reality with most of the logic on the server.  This also helps to develop the acumen to know what to send to the client as per the device being used.  Apart from this Ajay Kapur also gives some interesting views, for software engineers in concern with building apps. To know more do listen to this engaging podcast.

The Long and Windy Road to Cloud Success

In this podcast interview Troy Davis, a software architect from Coup Smart and technical expert gives an overview, about how developers are moving towards cloud based projects and the challenges occurring in building scalable apps. Besides this Troy also gives an insight about the benefits of integrating tools such as bean stalk from Amazon Web Services, for efficient web application management. To know more do listen to this engaging podcast.

The Problems with Big Data

In this podcast interview, Alex Poon, VP of engineering at Outbrain, gets in a candid conversation with Sanjeev Nambudari, about the challenges and complexities involved with Big Data. Besides this Alex Poon also elicits the benefits of Big Data, and how companies such as Netflix have actually been able to make better decisions through a careful selection of new content and a thorough understanding of customer patterns. If you want to know about some strategies to manage your data, this podcast is sure to enlighten you.

The Future for Java has Never been Brighter

In this interview Gennaro Marrazo, a technical development engineer elicits on how the fragmentation of Java can actually be a key strength. Gennaro affirms that, the emergence of new platforms like Python and Ruby may corrode some of the fortes where Java had initially flourished, but there are still better times ahead for it. There are features of Java available for an abundance of stuff from front-end UIs to real-time computing and mobile devices. If you want to know more future prospects of Java, listen to this interesting podcast.

Is Secure Mobile Computing Just a Pipe Dream?

In this Interview Hadi Nahari, Chief Security Architect of Mobile and Software Platforms at NVIDIA gets into a one to one talk with Sanjeev Nambudiri (Vice President Software Engineering Productivity Evangelist at Xoriant) about the challenges and opportunities faced by mobile computing device developers. Furthermore Mr.Nahari tells about how the mounting complexity of devices increases security challenges and its huge impact on customer adoption decisions. Listen to this podcast to learn more about specific secure mobile platforms and predicted trends on mobile security.

Games: The Avantegarde of Software Engineering?

In this Interview Rakesh Raju CTO and Co founder of Tresensa gets in a candid conversation with Sanjeev Nambudiri (Vice President Software Engineering Productivity Evangelist at Xoriant) about the nuances of game development. According to Mr.Raju , game developers have to create apps which promise not only utility but wholesome fun and constant adaptation to your target audience’s needs. Besides this know more about latest trend of how HTML5 adoption, is changing the entire gaming space. HTML5 adoption for games is taking place at a fast pace despite issues with inconsistency and functionality. With a lot of interesting facts to hear about, this podcast should not be given a miss by game developers.