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Delivering at DevOps Speed

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Increasingly, organizations are embracing DevOps as a way to become more agile and responsive, reduce time to market for new products, adopt new tools and technologies, and create a culture focused on continuous improvement and cross-functional collaboration.

To support truly seamless collaboration and CI/CD pipeline integration across the product value chain, our Xoriant DevOps Center of Excellence will assist with continuous integration, monitoring, automation testing, scripting tools, source code management, cloud enablement and infrastructure automation. To help DevOps get code into production faster, we also provide a QA lab and extensive testing capabilities across multiple verticals, platforms and locations.

Key Focus Areas

Accelerating Time to Market

Time to Market

Xoriant is an enthusiastic proponent of the DevOps principles of continuous collaboration, integration, deployment, and software delivery. This openness helps DevOps get new products and features into testing and production faster and helps downstream functions ramp up earlier, increasing release -- and customer satisfaction.

Reducing Development Costs

Development Costs

DevOps minimizes the costs associated with siloed development cycles by employing best practices like CI/CD and interdisciplinary collaboration. This accelerates product deployment and improves product quality by allowing real-time review and input which, in turn, helps you achieve your scalability and reliability KPIs. Get help in implementing DevOps
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Product Quality Improvement

Improving Product Quality
With Continuous Testing

Whether you need to deliver higher-quality products faster or improve existing ones with the bells and whistles customers demand, implementing DevOps can help. Simply put, the DevOps methodology facilitates and automates continuous quality monitoring, testing and provisioning of virtualized test environments for a better end product every time.

Ganesh Pote

Ganesh Pote
Technical Architect

"Our DevOps engagements accelerate product development and deployment with continuous collaboration and best-in-class automation tools and practices. Xoriant helps increase collaboration and integration amongst all aspects of delivery by implementing the best of breed DevOps and DevSecOps strategies at the service delivery chain."

Cloud Data And Analytics

Reference Architectures for Hybrid Data Warehouse
Ready Adaptor Framework for Data Aggregation

Cloud DevOps

Template-based Lifecycle Management Solution for Virtualized and Containerized Infrastructure and Applications
Xoriant Continuous Delivery Accelerator for Release Automation
Lab-automated Testbeds on Hadoop, OpenStack, NFV

Cloud Applications

Enterprise Cloud Readiness Assessment Framework 12-Factor Application Assessment Checklist.

Cloud Security

Network Visualization, Security & Diagnostic Solution OpenFlow-based Network Flow Management Solution.

Cloud Infrastructure

Workload and Data Center Profiling Solution Infrastructure and Cloud Sizing Solutions Bare Metal Provisioning Solution

Ignite: Network Fabric Bring-Up Solution

deepInsights: Template-based Monitoring and Visualization Solution for Virtualized and Containerized Infrastructure and Applications.

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DevOps and CI/CD Insights

AI/ML Across CI/CD


Organizations will rely on analytics to drive efficiency and visibility across processes. Analytical tools will draw planning, repository, test, deployment and performance data from across the DevOps lifecycle to provide insights into reducing cycle times, risk and improving project outcomes. AI and ML will play a role in leveraging that information.

Organizations will rely on AI/ML to achieve greater visibility.

Innovating at the Speed of Agile


56% of CIOs expect to implement Agile, DevOps, or a similar flexible IT delivery model to increase IT responsiveness and help spur broader innovation ambitions.

Source: Deloitte

DevOps implementation can help spur broader innovation ambitions.

The Growing DevOps Market


DevOps market size exceeded USD 4 billion in 2019 and is poised to grow at over 20% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. The market is expected to undergo a dynamic transition as advancements in automated software development and zero-touch automation technologies are driving the demand for DevOps tools.

Source: Global Market Insights


Automated software development fuels DevOps market growth.

Easy Tools for Better Performance


Development teams are empowered to make their own decisions about tools that contribute to better software delivery performance. High-performing software engineers and IT leaders choose useful and usable tools, which improve productivity and deliver value during the DevOps transformation.

Source: DORA Accelerate


Engineers are 1.5 times more likely to have easy-to-use tools.


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DevOps and CI/CD