Delivering On-Time, On-Budget SAP Projects

Connecting your non-SAP systems into your SAP landscape can leverage existing investments in other assets, improve business functions, speed of access to information and drive efficiency. Integration when done right can become a very effective business tool. Many SAP customers draw upon Xoriant’s proven SAP track record, experienced consultants, and on-time, on-budget projects to improve their ROI, lower their total cost of ownership, and ensure successful projects.

SAP Integration Services

Xoriant’s consultants are experienced in the full range of SAP integration tools and technologies. This expertise utilizes NetWeaver XI, Business Connector, ALE, RFC, IDoc and EDI technologies. Whatever the business requirement, Xoriant experts are trained and experienced in the use of these tools and technologies and hence, have the capability of recommending the right tool set for the requirement to meet your needs in delivering a solution that meets the business needs and the budgetary requirement.

The technical skills of the SAP Integration team are supported by the functional team to ensure that the integrated environment is aligned to the business needs of the enterprise.

SAP Mobile Extension Services

Mobile devices are now more powerful and functional and hence, essential to businesses than ever before. The demands of a 24x7 mobile executives require that business must continue even when the employee is not in the office. As a result, mobility solutions are rapidly getting adopted by enterprises.

Xoriant has built the Xoriant Enterprise Mobility Platform, which allows enterprises to mobilize their current business applications with minimal changes to their IT environment while retaining the security and functionality, while deploying the application on the mobile devices. Xoriant Enterprise Mobility Platform comprises the Xoriant Mobility Server (XMS), which offers easy connectivity to any enterprise backend application (such as ERP, CRM and custom transaction systems) and renders it to all standard mobile devices. The specific mobile applications can be developed with the Smartphone Application Accelerator, for rapid development and deployment of business applications on multiple mobile platforms. Read More

SAP Integration & Extension Services

Xoriant Mobility Extension Solutions

  • Commercial Credit Card Services Mobilization.
  • Infor LN Field Service Mobilization.
  • Improve quality management and compliance.
  • Deliver orders on time, every time.
  • Increase production accuracy and manage by exception.
  • The core manufacturing and planning functionality in Infor ERP LN is ideal for companies in make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, make-to-order, or engineer-to-order environments.

SAP NetWeaver Services

Implementation of all SAP NetWeaver components - SAP Web Application Server, SAP NetWeaver Portal (EP), SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI), SAP Business Warehouse (BW).

  • SAP Web Application Server (WAS)- Business Server Pages, Smart Forms / Adobe Forms.
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal (EP)- Implementing internal or external facing portal, implementing a global portal, search & classification of un structured data, and collaboration scenario implementation.
  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI)- Replacing point-to-point connectivity with XI- Design, implementation of new integration scenarios -integration with non-SAP systems including external web services.
  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW)- Warehouse Design- Migration of non-SAP warehouse.
  • SAP NetWeaver Installation- Warehouse Design, Migration of non-SAP warehouse, Integration to Portal.