Embedded Software Services For Network And Storage Markets

Technology innovation drives extreme changes in the embedded space, wherein sophisticated features are being built into more complex software designs and increasingly small hardware. Companies face these challenges to make better products with lower total costs and shorter development lifecycles.

Xoriant's embedded software services can cater to a wide range of vertical markets, including mobile, networks and storage. As an embedded software development solutions provider we are competent in firmware, protocols, real-time operating systems and device drivers. We use time-tested methodologies and dependable embedded design services to deliver embedded software solutions to all companies from start-ups to established Fortune 500.

Our embedded design services include:

  • Development and testing of high speed networking software using Network Processor Units (NPUs) and other Packet Processors
  • Development and testing of network stacks & network drivers for layer 2,3 and 4 protocol stacks, VOIP protocols and network edge devices
  • Development and testing of storage, network and graphics device drivers on multiple platforms, operating systems and device hardware
  • Development and execution of manual and automated test suites to perform functionality, regression and interoperability testing of storage and networking subsystems – local testing, remote testing and blended


Embedded systems services for networking and storage


Xoriant teams have worked on the following technology environments:

  • Processors
Intel IXP24xx, 28xx and 23xx , Sun CMT, MIPS
  • Network Apps/Protocols
  • Operating Systems
Solaris, Linux, Windows, VxWorks, MV Linux, PSOS
  • Test Equipment/Tools
IXIA, Spirent, Mercury Interactive
  • Hardware:
Sun T2000, Intel IXDP, Radisys, QLogic, Brocade, Emulex

    Some of our success stories include:

    • Development of device drivers for LCD (Graphic), Keyboard and GSM module for Handheld Device (Processor-89C51 and Rabbit-2000)
    • Development/tuning of disk device drivers and storage system for TPC-C benchmarks
    • Development/execution of test suites for a storage management vendor for security and interoperability testing with SAN products from Brocade, QLogic and Emulex
    • Development and testing of high speed networking applications using platforms from Sun, Intel and others using data plane and control plane processing of network packets