Application Manifest XML in Android system

In this blog post we would try and understand the basics of Application Manifest in the Android system.

The simplest of any Android application has  the following components:

  1. Resources classified in the resource folder (res).
  2. Some auto generated code like
  3. ApplicationManifest.xml file.

This blog post will deal with the third component – Application manifest file.

Twitter4j OAuth on Android

Can your application tweet, can it post on walls of people who like this application? Let’s have a look at how to integrate twitter with an android application.

What is OAuth?

OAuth is an open protocol which allows the users to share their private information and assets like photos, videos etc. with another site without sharing their credentials (username and password) to the latter. Hence making it very secure way of transmission of data..

Android – UI Design Guidelines

The user interface plays one of the most important roles in determining how successfully you can attract and retain the users by making the UI easy to use, efficient and enjoyable. With decision making being increasingly influenced by the online medium, it’s scope is extended to mobile internet. So, it is required to enhance the user experience by developing user friendly interfaces for the apps on the go.

Step by step guide – gitolite installation

As most of you all know, the two key candidates for personal Git servers are gitosis and gitolite. The major differentiator between the two is the language in which they are written and the way they handle repo permissions.

Android UI Design Pattern – Dashboard

The earlier post here has covered the importance and the basics of developing a user friendly UI, taking this further we will be presenting to you a detailed view of the design patterns discussed. The following post will cover the ‘Dashboard ‘ design pattern along with a step by step process to help you develop a dashboard yourself. The code snippets attached will allow you to learn and build the dashboard in no time.


Android UI Design Pattern – Action Bar

The previous posts on User Interface tips and Dashboard design pattern gave you a fair idea on how to get going with your User Interface.

In this post, we shall look at the Action Bar design pattern in more detail which will enable you to better understand and execute Action Bars on your user interface.


Android UI Design Pattern – Quick Action Bar

So far with all the previous blogs we have been quite familiar to various aspects like Dashboard and Action bar for a user friendly Interface for Android mobile application.

In this post we shall discuss about the Quick Action design pattern in more detail with which you will be  have a clear understanding of the significant parts of a typical user friendly interface.


Know how to develop Widgets for Android Applications with code snippets

In the current scenario in the mobile space, there are a lot of discussions revolving around Android and its advantages and then there are those who just cannot avoid the constant comparison with the iPhone. Keeping up with the theme, now here is something that is definitely an edge for android and sure to make the iPhone users sit up and take notice. If you still haven’t guessed it, let me tell you, what  I am referring here  is the feature called widgets. For those of you who haven’t heard of widgets, this blog will give you all what you need to know.

How to publish Android Apps into an Android Market

After having invested your time and efforts in developing the most creative Android application, you surely want to make it available to a larger audience. Go ahead and read this blog to find information on How to sign your Android applications and publish them to the market.

Windows 8 vs iOS vs Android

Windows 8 has some new and exciting features that far outweigh those that were offered through Windows 7. However, the question still remains, are these new features enough to convince consumers to choose Windows 8 over iOS or Android? By comparing the three, you can get a better idea of which one is the right choice for your mobile needs.