Performance Testing tools: Loadrunner


Our Performance Engineering webinar held last month was well received. Several participants asked us about the various Performance Testing tools we use for our work. In this blog Loadrunner a popular Performance testing tool will be discussed in detail.”

Performance Testing tools

While the previous blog gave insights on performance bottle necks, the present one brings an overview on performance testing tools.Performance Testing involves execution of load through concurrent requests against System under test and simulate multiple user Production scenario in QA environment to identify bottlenecks.

Automation Testing versus Manual Testing

Testing has become an integral part of a product or a process, to assess and ensure a certain level of quality.

Beyond Commercial Activities – Springboard

The process of learning continues forever. It’s a process that we undergo every day. When this process of learning gets engaging, innovative & informative, the outcome often serves as a springboard into the knowledge pool.

One such learning process, rather, program was Springboard conducted by Xoriant. The initiative that began to impart knowledge to individuals during testing times culminated in Springboard.

Public API – Points to consider

In this blog, we will look at various factors to be considered while  designing Public APIs

Integrating MS Project with an Enterprise Product

This blog deals with integration of MS Project with an Enterprise product