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Monthly Archives: June 2010

In this blog post, we will take a look at how to add Auto Update support to small & medium level desktop applications. This blog post will cover why an update is necessary and will give you an overview of

Padmanabh Sharma

Technical Architect – Plugin development group


Providing a good user experience is critical to mobile applications. UI Application development in Android requires that you have a good understanding of Layouts. In this blog post, we shall cover all about Android Layouts with code samples. Android Layout

Prashant Thakkar

Xoriant Mobile Center of Excellence.


In this blog we are going to introduce Agile methodology of software development. We would traverse through the Principles and Processes in Agile and Outcome of “Going Agile”. Agile Methodology Agile involves the best practices of Waterfall, Prototyping and Spiral

Anand Ved

Technical Lead – Cloud Computing Project


In this blog post, we shall take a look at how to get started with programming for the BlackBerry device. We shall cover what the device is, give you an overview of BlackBerry development and then provide you with detailed

Siddhesh Bingi

Member of Mobile Center of Excellence